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The Ultimate Female Packing List
for a Holiday in Croatia

What should a woman bring for a trip to Croatia

A trip to Croatia, even if it's just for a short holiday or for a brief weekend getaway, could be just what you need to change the scenery, enjoy some great culture and cuisine, and recharge your batteries. There are many activities in Croatia, but going to the beach is one of the essential holiday experiences.

If you're a woman, there are certain things you shouldn't forget to pack for your beach goings and other holiday activities. Check out the list below for the ultimate female packing list for your upcoming holiday in Croatia.

Woman's beach accessories
A cute hat to protect against the sun and a pair of sand slippers is the least a woman can bring to the beach in Croatia.

Bring a Variety of Shoes

Shoes are a girl's best friend when in Croatia. This is because there are so many varied activities that you can participate in, and you'll need a variety of styles in order to take it all in. So be sure to pack a few options that will take you from day to night for the duration of your trip.

Start with a pair of comfortable and cute flip-flops that you can use for walks on the beach, as well as for use in hostel showers. And for a more refined look, you can go with a pair of black flats that you can use by day or by night if you don't wish to wear heels.

Girlfriends posing for a beach selfie
Smart phones are essential gadget these days, even when you go to the beach, for taking shots and holiday selfies. Just don't leave them unattandeded, whether you're in Croatia or elsewhere.

Another great option is a pair of tennis shoes, as these are super comfortable and perfect for doing a lot of exploring and sightseeing. Remember that a lot of the streets in the older towns in Croatia have cobblestones that can be slippery and difficult to walk on in heels, so these are a perfect way to get around in style and comfort. This is especially the case if you are going to be staying in Dubrovnik or Split, which have many cobblestone streets.

And, finally, for a fancier look, bring along a pair of sandals that will pair perfectly with a dress or skirt for a night out on the town.

Accessories for Outdoor Fun

Woman in beach wear with sunglasses
Beach wear is an essential for woman's summer holiday in Croatia, including a good pair of quality cool sunglasses.
In addition to having the right shoes to wear, you also need to have the right pair of sunglasses and other outdoor accessories that will protect you from the harsh sun. A stylish pair of Oakley Holbrook sunglasses is a great place to start, whether you're sightseeing, headed out for a delicious lunch at a restaurant with outdoor seating, or spending the day at the beach.

You can further protect yourself with a cute hat that will protect your scalp and your ears, which are likely to get burnt by the sun if you're spending hours outside. Croatia's seaside towns usually have great walkways along the beach and it's easy to get carried away while walking along and enjoying the beautiful sights.

And in the event that there's rain, bring along a raincoat. And, of course, don't forget to pack sunscreen!

Other Necessities

In addition to bringing along all of the items that will ensure you look your best throughout your trip to Croatia, you also need to bring along those that will help you feel great. Don't forget your prescription medications, birth control, sleeping pills, and motion sickness medication, especially if you plan on heading out onto the water.

To make the packing process easier, make a list of what you need to take with you. This will make it simple to keep track of what you need, and you can mark items off as you pack them for your journey to your destination, as well as when you're repacking to go home.

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