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Beautiful Croatia –
The Unexplored Paradise on Ea

Rich in culture and natural beauty

Croatia is one of the most beautiful places in Europe but unfortunately this magnificent place has not been explored to its utmost potential. There is great potential for all kinds of travelers – the backpackers, cyclists and spa surfers. Croatia is naturally beautiful and is also blessed with more than a thousand islands with adequate vegetation.

Be it urbane glamor or the natural luxuriant islands with indented shores, the country has all in store for all kinds of travelers. It has undergone several kinds of experiences from communism to gaining independence in state and today it has a culture that is multi-dimensional allowing its people as well as visitors to seep in the vivacity of the good things this country has to offer.

Town of Ložišća on Brač island
Croatian islands and its coastline are dotted with beautiful small towns, such as this town of Ložišća on the island of Brač, one of Croatia's most popular islands
(Image by

Culture and beauty

Croatia is a country that is as rich in culture as it is in its beauty. If you do get invited into a Croatian home you will soon learn that sharing food and drink is a very popular way to show you their warmth. This country is rich in food both from the land as well as the sea and you will find most of the taverns serving food that is home-styled. However, today they are trying to cater to the different tastes of the tourists visiting the country and in doing so their wines have gained a very popular place in the world market.

Aside from the beautiful waters and beaches and the indented shores, the beauty of the country is also attributed to the large looming mountain ranges. The Dinaric Alps expands from Italy to Albania with its limestone karst adorned with river canyons that also yield the beautiful and dramatic waterfalls and the amazingly colored lake. Hikers and bikers will find ample opportunities for some adventure.

Summertime fun is one of its most attractive features with ample opportunities for swimming or simple lying down in the beaches to get some sun.

Things to do in Croatia

Diversity is the key to happiness in this country. Imagine a vacation here where you could simply set out into the blue waters of the sea in your kayak with a small group of friends or just go in for the snorkeling experience at Betina which is a cave beach. This is a great idea for adventure for both experienced as well as inexperienced travelers. Adequate training is provided before you indulge into any such sport. Get close to nature and absorb the beauty it has to offer and surely you will have the experience of a lifetime.

Waterfalls at Krka National Park
Krka National Park is another well known of Croatia's eight National Parks, which is recognized by its signature waterfalls  (Image by

The Plitvice Lake National Park is one of the most heavily forested parks that house several breath-taking waterfalls cascading through its magnificent crevices. You could enjoy a boat ride or a bus ride absolutely free of charge to travel from one point of the park to another. It is recommended that you take a bus ride to start your trip of the park and end it with the boat ride to save yourself from climbing the steep paths of the park.

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