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Croatia Holidays

Croatia is one of the most popular
holiday destinations in the Mediterranean!

Stretching alongside the Adriatic Sea, with its coastline of a thousand islands, Croatia has been for a long time one of the most popular holiday destinations, in particular with European tourists. For decades it was a popular Summer holidays playground for over 20 million European travellers, who visited Croatian coastline annually, eanjoying its beaches and cruising around the islands.

Enjoying yachting in Croatia
Croatia is one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Mediterranean and Europe

Over the past few years however, Croatia has started to enjoy even greater recognition as a safe and popular tourist and holiday destination in the Mediterranean. Not only with the Europeans, but also with visitors from around the world. See more info about this on Croatia page.

Croatia beach crowds in Bol, Brac island

In the year 2008 more than eleven million tourists from around the world spent their holidays in Croatia. This year you, too, can discover what makes this small Mediterranean country so popular with visitors and celebrities alike!

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The #1 holiday destination in 2005

In 2005 the Lonely Planet guidebooks company named Croatia as the 'No. 1 Destination' for the year 2005. The Lonely Planet also published its first ever travel guide to Croatia in 2005. Croatia was at no. 4 on the Lonely Planet list for 2006.

Peter Jon Lindberg, in his Croat D'Azure article (, said about the Dalmatian Coast in 2005, '...the islands of southern Croatia are—among a certain group of people—the premier destination in the Mediterranean region.'

Small beach in Brela, Croatia

The Dalmatian coastline and its hundreds of islands hide many secluded beaches, with crystal blue waters - these are amongst the cleanest in the world. The Adriatic Sea is one the cleanest seas, with a distinct blue colour.

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One of the top six holiday destinations for 2006

In 2006 Croatia had gained further recognition, with CNN web site naming Croatia as one of the '2006 hot spots', calling it 'the cheap alternative to the Italian Riviera'. It names the city of Dubrovnik as one of European holiday destinations arousing interest among American travellers.

USA Today in its mid January 2006 travel article, reprinted from, lists Croatia amongst the top six destinations to watch for 2006. Giving it a "hidden gem" status, it quotes United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA): "Croatia began experiencing a boom in tourism in 2005, one that is likely to increase even more over the next few years."

It goes on to say that: "This Mediterranean country has plenty of things to offer visitors, from its capital city, Zagreb, to the islands scattered along the Dalmatian Coast, and the old city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage site."

A small seaside town in Croatia

You will find a variety of choices and options on your Croatia holidays. Choose to stay in any of the small fishing towns along the Dalmatia's coast or the islands, or in larger towns that dot the Croatian coastline, for a memorable holiday in Croatia!

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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ( refers to Croatia's Dalmatian region as: '101 Dalmatias: Adriatic coast of Croatia displays endless variety of sights and experiences.'

One of the growing holiday visitor groups to Croatia are the travellers from the Scandinavian countries. In the 2006 Croatia was the 2nd most popular tourist destination mentioned in Scandinavian papers.

Overall, more than 10 million tourists visited Croatia from numerous countries in Europe and around the world in 2006, spending over 6 milliards (6 billion) of Euros on their Croatia holidays.

The year 2008 was another bumper season for Croatian tourism, with some 11,1 million visitors spending 7,5 milliards (7.5 billion) of Euros on Croatia holidays.

Despite the recession, it's expected that 2009 will be similar to 2008 in terms of numbers, or perhaps slightly less people will holiday in Croatia than last year. The trend seems to be towards last minute bookings, fewer nights on holiday, but with more money spent on shopping.

Whatever the case, book your holiday this year in Croatia and experience the travel adventure for yourself!

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