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Celebrities in Croatia 2005

Roman Avramovic in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik's famous 'Stradun' is located in the centre of the city

DUBROVNIK - 15. September 2005 -- Russian multimillionaire and English football club Chelsea owner, Roman Avramovic, flew to Dubrovnik's Cilipi airport last night from Gatwick, on his private Boeing 767. His 80-metres, 100-million Euros luxury yacht Ecstacea was waiting for him, anchored near Cavtat, to which he whisked away in helicopter. The 39-year tycoon is most likely sailing over to Budva, in Montenegro, where he's building a large villa on an isolated point, overlooking the sea.

Avramovic spent some time cruising Adriatic last year, when he also visited Dubrovnik for a few days. Apart from Ecstacea, on the richest Russians, has a few other yachts - 114-metres Pelorus, Le Grand Blue and Sussuro. He bought Boeing 767 after Hawaiian Airlines cancelled their order with Boeing. Forbes magazine estimates his wealth at 18.2 milliards of dollars (18.2 billions in US numbers).

Saudi's Prince visits Dubrovnik

DUBROVNIK - 27. July 2005 -- One of Saudi's Princes and Saudi's Defence Minister, Mitab bin Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz today arrived on his private Boeing 777 for a few days private visit to Dubrovnik. The Saudi prince will be staying in the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace's presidential suite. He has been accompanied by his family members, royal entourage and security team. It's expected that his super yacht will shortly arrive to Dubrovnik's harbour, too.

Jordanian King Abdulah II holiday in Croatia

SKRADIN - 25. July 2005 -- Jordanian King Abdulah II, his wife Queen Rania and 11 year old son Husein visited today National Park of Krka Waterfalls, one of the most picturesque national parks in Croatia. After visiting the falls with his royal entourage and relatives, the royal family spent afternoon having lunch on their own luxury yacht "Sarafsa". The King and his family are expected to proceed to Dubrovnik, where they will be staying at the Hotel Dubrovnik Palace.

"Miami Dolphins" boss visiting Croatia

KORCULA - 15. July 2005 -- Harry Wayne Hiuzenga, the owner of the American Football Club "Miami Dolphins" and partner in the Hockey Team "Florida Panthers" is visiting Korcula island, after spending a few days near the small island of Badije. Along with the 70-meter yacht, "Floridian", Mr Hiuzenga has also brought along the smaller "Dolphin" fishing boat, as well as 12-passenger helicopter, with Miami Dolphins helmet logo on its tail. The yacht has 6 passenger cabins, 2 cinema rooms, and a few swimming pools. The crew consists of 15 people, including 2 helicopter pilots. Mr Hiuzenga is on 355th place this year on the Forbes’ richest people list, estimated to be worth 1,8 milliards of dollars (1.8 billions U.S.).

Ecclestones arrive in Zadar

An old church in Zadar is one of the most visited attractions
ZADAR - 14. July 2005 -- The Formula One boss, Bernie Ecclestone, is spending a few days in Zadar, with his wife Slavica and two daughters, Petra and Tamara. The Ecclestones, who have been regularly visiting Zadar for the last few years, flew in on their private jet, "Falcon". Waiting for them in Zadar’s marina, is Bernie’s 58-metre yacht, "Petara", named after his two daughters. They will be cruising Adriatic, looked after by their 10-person crew.

Adriatica’ Village in Texas

SPLIT - 14. July 2005 -- Jeffory Blackard, American entrepreneur and the president of The Blackard Group, who is building a Dalmatian village in Texas, arrived to Split today. The U.S. $200-million project is being built the town of McKinney, on the shores of Stonebridge lake, in Texas. In order to build the village as close to the original as possible, Jeffory Blackard visits Croatia once a month, searching for details. He has taken so far more than 10,000 photos. After Split, Mr Blackard is going to Dubrovnik, where he will visit the Marine Museum and talk to builders of ‘galijuna’, the old boats built by Dubrovnik boat builders.

Citizens of McKinney have shown great interest in the project and declared July the 7th as Croatia Day. There are plans to open Croatian Honorary Consulate in Texas.

Ralph Lauren visits Makarska

MAKARSKA - 13. July 2005 -- One of the world's best known fashion designers is visiting the township of Makarska, south of Split on the Dalmatian coast. Mr Lauren sailed in on a luxury yacht, under Luxembourg flag, with a few of his friends and a crew. It is understood that after staying in Makarska for a couple of days, Mr Lauren will be returning here for another visit.