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Celebrities in Croatia 2007

Nicky Hilton in Hvar

Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton, sister of Paris Hilton

HVAR - 19. August 2007 - Nicky Hilton, Hilton Hotels heiress and younger sister of Paris Hilton is spending a few days on the island of Hvar, in Croatia . She flew in with her entourage on Friday, August 17th to Split airport. Nicky left Split harbour on one of the most luxurious yachts in the world, 80-metres long Talitha G, and headed for Hvar. The yacht moored near Paklenski otoci archipelago, near Hvar and far enough from public view.

The 80.2m Talitha G motor yacht epitomises sheer elegance and style. The yacht was launched in 1929 and completely rebuilt in 1993 in Devonport, Florida. It was fully refitted in 2000. Talitha G features open fireplaces, jacuzzi on the top deck, entertainment system and interior done in a relaxed, bohemian stately home style. The yacht can be chartered from It cruises in the Mediterranean and the Craibbean.

After arriving to Hvar, Nicky Hilton went to the popular Carpe Diem nightclub, with her friends, including her boyfriend David Katzenberg. The rowdy party attracted a lot of attention from the locals and visiting tourists, mostly Italians. Drinking a lot of cocktails and trying to hide from photographers, Nicky and her girlfriends even dressed alike to confuse, but to no avail. 'Croatia is beautiful and I like it a lot, but not tonight', Nicky commented the unwanted attention her visit to the island attracted.

On Monday, Nicky Hilton went to Split's luxury Lav Le Meridien hotel, where she, David and her friends spent a couple of hours in hotel's casino. Nicky and her friends played blackjack and popular texas hold 'em poker. Apparently, she won 250 euros and then went to hotel's nightclub.

Norah Jones concert in Pula

Norah Jones
Norah Jones performing in concert

PULA - 9. August 2007 - After her Berlin concert, the popular singer Norah Jones arrived to Pula yesterday, to prepare for her concert in Pula's Arena. This is Norah's very first concert in Croatia, second on her European tour this year. Her next concert will be in Colmar, France.

Pula's Arena was completely sold out, where Norah Jones performed for one and half hour before an audience of more than 6,000 people. The audience was enthused with Norah's mix of soul, blues, and folk based pop music. She was accompanied by The Handsome Band, with Lee Alexander - her long time partner and co-author of her songs.

Since Norah didn't plan any concerts in Croatia's neighbouring countries, there were many Italians and Slovenians in the Arena's audience. All hotel and private accommodation around Arena was sold out, up to 2.5 kms away. Pula hotels Riviera, Scaleta, Galija and Omir were completely sold out, while private accommodation was sought out up to 2 kms away.