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Dalmatian Fig Spread

Dalmatian Dried Fig Spread wins another quality recognition

SAN FRANCISCO - 1. March 2006 - Dalmatian Dried Fig Spread, from Croatia, has been nominated as the best fig spread at a food show in San Francisco, reports San Francisco Chronicle. The fig jam from Dalmatia has earned 62 points, out of 100 possible. It was declared the best fig spread, out of 12 other fig spreads, including those from California and France. Its nearest competitor was a fig jam from California, which earned 28 points.

Fresh figs tropical fruit
Dalmatian fruit producers have achieved a quality brand recognition for their
fig spread products. 
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Dried Fig Spread export into the U.S.

The Dalmatian dried fig spread is being produced in Split, Dalmatia, by the local company SMS. The company has been exporting its products for years into the U.S., the dried fig spread being the most recognised of their products. Its Dried Fig and Orange Spread won the gold medal in 2004, as the best jam, at the International Fancy Food Show in New York.

Amongst its products are locally grown, produced and packaged olives, as well as olive oil, all attractively packaged in glass jars and glass bottles in a variety of sizes. The company also produces and exports the local sardines and anchovies.

Its drieg fig spread jam products include: Dried Fig Spread "Original", Dried Fig and Cocoa Spread, Dried Fig and Orange Spread and Dried Fig and Carob Spread. The last, Carob spread is particularly rich in calcium (twice the calcium as milk), calcium magnesium, iron and vitamins A and B.

   Croatian product brands

Dalmatian Fig Spread
Dalmatian Fig Spread

Lowe Digitel Agency
Lowe Digitel Agency

Kutjevo Wines
Kutjevo Wines

Jana Water
Jana Water

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