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Jana Water

"Jana" bottled natural spring water to sell in U.S.A.

NEW YORK - 1. July 2005 -- One of the most popular natural spring waters in Croatia, Jana (bottled by Agrokor), has begun selling in New York, starting on the 1st July, 2005. Agrokor is one of the largest and most successful private companies in Croatia, exporting food products to South East European and other countries in the region. Jana is one of the most recognized water exporting companies and brands in Croatia.

Jana brand is a popular bottled water
Over the years, drinking bottled spring water has become a popular trend,
especially for health purposes.
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Jana bottled watter in the US

In the first phase, one of the largest distributors of water and non-alcoholic drinks in the state of New York, Big Geyser, is going to distribute Jana starting with 3000 shops. An agreement has been also reached to sell Jana at supermarket chains, such as Safeway, Walgreens, 7/11, Whole Foods and specialized ‘health & beauty’ shops.

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Jana Water

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