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Croatian Sport

Croatia's sporting success and achievements

Croatians excel at many sports. Individual sportsmen and sportswomen, as well as national sport teams are often disproportionately successful at European and international sporting events, considering Croatia's relatively small size of just over 4 million population. BBC journalist Guy De Launey in May 2013 published an article on the subject, titled "What is Croatia's secret to sporting success?" In 2018 German Bild postulated that Croatia is the greatest sporting nation in the world, given its size and population, by producing spectacular sporting results in many different sports, especially after its 2018 Russia Football World Cup success, coming as the 2nd best football team in the world.

Here are some Croatian sport success highlights during the last couple of decades.

  Croatia's sporting heros
Janica Kostelic

Janica Kostelic

After 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Torino, Italy, Croatia's Janica Kostelic has become the most successful Olympic women's skier of all times, when she added another 2 medals to her personal medals tally.

Janica Success

Janica's Success

Croatia's most successful sports woman is the skiing champion Janica Kostelic, despite suffering serious crashes during her skiing career. Her greatest success was at Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, where she won 2 golds and a silver.

Croatia Tennis

Croatia Tennis

Croatia's national tennis team has won its first ever Davis Cup in 2005. The country also became the no. 1 nation on the ITF (International Tennis Federation) Davis Cup Nations Ranking, dislodging 2004 Champion Nation Spain.

Handball Team

Handball Team

After beating Germany in finals 34:31, Croatia has become the World Handball champion in the men's category. The handball world championship cup competition was held in Portugal in 2003. Croatia was Olympic Champions in Atlanta's 1996.

Croatia's sportsmen and sports women have been putting Croatia on the world map, with their recent sporting achievements in both the individual and team sport international competitions. These include Croatia's football (soccer) team, waterpolo and handball teams success, as well as individual achievements of Ivica Kostelić (men's skiing), Sandra Perković (Olympic champion discuss thrower) and Blanka Vlašić (former indoor World champion high jumper), to name a few. Not to forget the likes of the late Dražen Petrović, professional basketball player who played in the American NBA.

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