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Handball Team

Croatia wins World Handball Championship

UPDATE January 2020 - Croatia has won 6 medals on European championships:

  • 2020 - silver medal
  • 2016 - bronze medal
  • 2012 - bronze medal
  • 2010 - silver medal
  • 2008 - silver medal
  • 1994 - bronze medal

Croatia's national handball team has also won two Olympic medals, in 1996 and 2004, as well as one World Cup gold medal in 2003, plus 3 silver and one bronze medals. In total, Croatia's national handball team has won 13 medals since 1994.

FEBRUARY 2003 - After beating Germany in finals 34:31, Croatia has become the World Handball champion in the men's category. The handball world championship competition was held in Portugal.

This is the latest in the string of successes by Croatian Handball team.

Two years later, the world championship competition in the men's category was held in Spain. Croatia got second place, after losing from Spain in the finals.

Croatian handball team in a game
Handball is a fast and attractive sport, enjoyed and played by many,
especially in Europe, where most of the champion teams come from.

Olympic Winners

The Croatian handball team success began in 1996, after they became Olympic champions of the Atlanta 1996 Games.

Since then Croatia has become one of the European and the World handball powers, winning 5 medals so far on European and World cup competitions, as well as being Olympic winners.

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Handball Team
Handball Team