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Tourism in Croatia

Updates about Croatian tourism news

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Croatia, which largely contributes to the annual growth of Croatian economy and creates numerous part-time and full-time jobs. As such, Croatia actively promotes tourism and during the Summer season in particular, not a day goes without an important tourism related news story. These are just samples of tourist stories from the earlier years, when Croatia's tourism was still developing.

  Tourism news about Croatia
Tourism in 2005

Tourism in 2005

According to the UN World Tourism Organization (formerly WTO), Croatia's tourism growth in 2005 was 7% higher than the previous year. This puts it in the top three fastest growing tourism nations in the world.

Holiday World Show

Holiday World Show

Croatian National Tourist Board is amongst many nation participants, taking part in the UN World Tourism Organization show, held in Dublin, Ireland. Irish visitors are one of the growing tourist groups who spend their holidays in Croatia.

Tourism News

We'll feature here some of the more important news stories on tourism in Croatia and related updates from time to time. But majority of the latest news can be found on home page announcements and updates.

Tourism is one of the most important industries in Croatia
Tourism numbers in Croatia grow each year - beach crowds on one of
the best known Croatian beaches - 'Zlatni rat' in Bol, on Brac island.

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