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Croatia Holiday Guide

Are you looking for a unique place to visit this summer? While the beaches of Europe, the US coasts and even Central America may beckon, Croatia holiday should be your choice. What can you find in Croatia? What is there to see and do in the country? The answers to these questions will surprise you in our Croatia holiday guide below and entice you why this beautiful country should be your destination of choice. The most visited places in Croatia usually are the towns of Rovinj, Poreč, Umag, Medulin, and Dubrovnik.

  Holidays and Travel to Croatia

Amazing Places in Croatia

As one of the top destinations in the Mediterranean, Croatia has some amazing places on its long coastline that are well worth visiting, more than once. Take a look at these most beautiful and enchanting locations.


Beautiful Croatia Paradise

Despite being one of the most beautiful places in Europe, Croatia still remains an unexplored paradise. Combining its natural beauty with rich culture and friendly people, Croatia is a top holiday destination. It caters for a variety of travellers.


Croatia Adventure Travel

To visit and truly experience Croatia's natural beauty of rivers, lakes and mountains, choose one of private or group adventure travel trips. They vary from easy level, to moderate and even hard level adventures.


Croatia Tourist Attractions

As one of the top holiday destinations in Europe and the world, Croatia is an affordable destination with many fantastic attractions. Discover some of the hidden gems in this beautiful country, where to go and what to see.


Croatia Casinos in Cities

Each trying to be better than the other, many Croatian casinos offer unique settings in old historical buildings and provide attractive holiday packages. Casinos can be found mostly in Zagreb and Dubrovnik.


Croatia Famous Attractions

Croatia has long been a getaway for the rich and famous in Europe, going back to the Roman times. Croatia's rich heritage and traditions are well worth exploring, as is its natural beauty, islands and national parks.


Croatia Holidays in News

Its long coastline dotted with over a thousand islands, blue Adriatic Sea, Mediterranean climate and centuries old culture, has long made Croatia one of the most popular holiday destinations. It often attracts tourism news headlines.


Croatia Vacation Planning

Located in southern Europe, Croatia is one of the most interesting and beautiful spots for a vacation. Coming from abroad, you can fly into Croatia from anyhwre in the world, or drive and take a train if you are coming from Europe.


Croatia Village Tourism

Croatia is famous for its splendiferous coastline and the islands. But this beautiful country offers much more than the sea and the beaches. An incredible way to explore this country and get to know its people is to stay at villages and towns.


Croatian Largest Cities

Some of the most popular vacation destinations in Croatia involve its largest and best known cities. These include Rijeka in Istria, capital city Zagreb, Split in Dalmatia, and of course the best known Dubrovnik city.


Dalmatia Travel Guide

As the largest coastal region in Croatia, Dalmatia offers many island holiday and travel possibilities. This picturesque coastline region is dotted with charming towns and inlets, and numerous islands just waiting to be explored.


Discover Croatia Destination

From the ancient port of Dubrovnik and the beautiful Adriatic coastline, to the multitude of UNESCO protected national parks and lakes, there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy in Croatia.


Medical Tourism in Croatia

Afforadble international travel has made medical tourism a growing industry. Croatia has become one of medical tourism destinations, offering quality medical services, combined with great holiday packages.


Pack for Trip to Croatia

Declared the fastest growing Mediterranean tourist destination in 2012 and after, Croatia continues to attract more and more visitors. There are diverse sights to see and things to do. Pack these five things for your trip.


Summer Flights to Croatia

Travelling to Croatia by air requires some planning. A wide variety of airlines fly to Croatia from many European cities, in particular during the summer season. Book your flight early and you will get discounted airfares.


Why is Croatia Popular

With its stunningly beautiful coastline and one of the cleanest seas in the world, it's no wonder Croatia is one of most favored European holiday destinations. Visitors can enjoy its pristine islands, deep gorges, forests, and soaring mountains.

Popular Holiday and Travel Destination in the Mediterranean

Croatia is a small Mediterranean country, stretching alongside Adriatic Sea. With one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, Croatia has long been a popular holiday destination for Europeans. Many wars and battles were fought throughout centuries over this Mediterranean paradise. The longest part of Croatia coastline is Dalmatia, while Istria occupies the northern part of Croatian coastline.

But despite that, Croatia has remained relatively unknown outside Europe. As recently as early to mid 90s, the name Croatia was associated with the bloody war in former Yugoslavia, as far as the wider world audience was concerned.

But for the Europeans, many of whom spent numerous summer holidays in Croatia, the name ‘Hrvatska’ (as it is named in Croatian language) was well known. Even while it was part of the former Yugoslavia, Croatia was one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean.

On the Mediterranean sea map below, you can see countries that border the Mediterranean, which includes Croatia nesting alongside Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic Sea is "sandwiched" between Croatia and Italy.


Map of the Mediterranean Sea, with Croatia, the surrounding countries, and
Adriatic Sea nested
 between Croatia and Italy. This is an older map, still showing "Yugoslavia", 
combining Serbia and Montenegro, both of which are now
independent countries
- click on image to enlarge - opens in new window.

Hot travel destination

After gaining its independence and becoming a republic in 1991, Croatia has since steadily built its reputation as one of the most desirable travel destinations in the world! While the tourism was naturally affected during the early 90s war, since the country was mostly liberated in 1995, the number of annual visitors has been steadily growing and getting close to the pre-war levels. It is expected that during 2006 and beyond Croatia will continue to be one of the hottest travel destinations in the world.

Croatia was the No. 1 destination for 2005, according to an annual poll taken by the Lonely Planet guidebooks. The popular guidebooks company has also put out its first travel guide to Croatia in 2005.

Medical Tourism in Croatia

Croatia has also joined the list of countries offering medical tourism. This is in particular a favourite destination for those looking for dental services, as Croatia has highly trained dental surgeons, technicians and orthodontists. Many of these dental specialists acquired their skills abroad, in EU or North America. Now they provide first-class dental services at developing-country prices.

A growing number of foreigners come to Croatia, not only for dental surgery, but also other medical services, such as cosmetic surgery. Some of the local medical tourism professionals advertise their services in European newspapers. Their foreign clients usually come from Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Great Britain.

It's an excellent way to make the most of your holiday - get your teeth done and improve your tan on one of the local beaches. Or combine your cheap medical treatment with a great holiday in Croatia, exploring the country's beauty and old architecture.

Croatia - the popular destination

Croatia's coastline of a thousand islands has been a popular destination for German, Austrian, Italian, Hungarian and other visitors, many of whom holiday in Istra peninsula in the north part of the Croatian coast, as well as Dalmatia region in Split, Makarska, Trogir, etc. However the walled city of Dubrovnik is a popular destination for British visitors in particular, who are visiting that area in the increasing numbers, owing also to regular flights from London to Dubrovnik.

Back in August 2005, when the popular Tara Reid visited Croatia as part of her European Summer Vacation tour, it became a known destination for American visitors, too. She partied in Split and Dubrovnik, filming segments for her E! Entertainment show "Taradise". She's just one of many celebrities that visit Croatia every year.

In early November 2005, NBC Today breakfast show in was done from Dubrovnik, with its host Matt Lauer and Goran Visnjic, a Croatian actor well known for his role of Dr Luka Kovac in the ER. The recent news from America shows an increasing interest by Americans in Croatia as one of the most desirable destinations. The CNN has named Croatia as one of the '2006 hot spots'.

The city of Dubrovnik is one of the most recognized holiday and travel destinations
in Croatia, whose popularity continues to grow.
  (Image by

Croatia has been also becoming increasingly popular with French travellers, as well as Scandinavian visitors. During 2005 they have been visiting the country in increasing numbers. Even greater numbers are expected in 2006.

This is also becoming a popular destination for the Russian travellers, often known locally as big spenders.

In early 2006, the shipbuilder yard Heliyachts, in the coastal city of Pula, has started building a 50-metre mega yacht for a young Russian multi-millioner, Kiril Minovalov. Mr Minovalov is a 35-year old banker, who owns the Moscow bank Avangard, after which the new yacht will be named. He already owns another yacht, Moira 25 type, which has been sitting in the Split marina for the past 3 years. The yacht is being used for cruising in Adriatic, where Mr Minovalov tends to spend most of his summer holidays. The estimated cost of the new yacht is 25 million dollars. The 227th on the list of Russias richest, Mr Minovalov's current worth is estimated to be 95 million dollars.

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