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Croatia Flights

Updates and news about new flights to Croatia

With the growth of Croatia's popularity as one of the most desirable tourist destinations, more and more European airlines are starting to fly to Croatian cities. Apart from flights to Croatia's capital Zagreb, air carriers are introducing new flights to some of the key destination cities on Croatian coastline.

  Flying into Croatia from Europe
Ryanair Pula-Dublin

Ryanair Pula to Dublin

Ryanair, Europe's largest discount fares airline, has announced the opening of its second route to Croatia, with flights from the city of Pula, in Istria, to the Irish capital, Dublin.

Ryanair Pula-London

Ryanair Pula to London

In October 2006 Ryanair commenced flying from Pula city to London. These flights originate from the Stansted airport, with new Boeing 737-800, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week.

EasyJet Croatia Flights

EasyJet Croatia Flights

EasyJet is considered to be the second largest low cost air carrier in Europe. In March 2006 it started flying between Rijeka's airport (Istria) to Luton airport in London, 4 times per week.

Wizz Air Flights to Croatia

Wizz Air Flights to Croatia

Wizz Air is Hungarian low cost airline. In January 2006 it commenced flights between Croatia's city of Split (Dalmatia) and Hungarian capital Budapest, as well as to London's Luton airport.

New flights to Croatia

The major key destination cities on Croatian coast with their own airport are, starting from the south: Dubrovnik, Split, Pula and Rijeka. Most of the existing and new flights tend to be to and from these cities. Find the full list of flights to Croatia here.

Below are some of the new flights announcements by airlines, such as Ryanair, EasyJet and Wizz Air, starting with the most recent new flights update story.

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