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Page: North Velebit National Park - Located in Lika region

North Velebit National Park

Part of Velebit Mountains,
also known as Northern Velebit National Park

You'll find several of Croatia's national parks in the mountains. One of the most splendid is Sjeverni Velebit, as it's called locally, or North Velebit. It's part of large Velebit mountain range, located in Lika region.

Located in Velebit mountains range, Northern Velebit National Park features a
variety of scenery, from grasslands, to limestones and lush green forests.

Velebit Mountains

This park sits nestled in the Velebit Mountains, a chain of untamed mountains thrusting up through the earth down the coastline of Croatia. You'll find deep river gorges to explore, whitewater to raft and pristine lakes and streams to enjoy.

There is also a wide range of animal life throughout the park. Bears, deer, wolves, eagles, wild cats, vultures and long eared owls all call the park home, as well as numerous smaller animals. If mountain exploration is your bag, this is the best place in Croatia for you.

Northern Velebit

North Velebit is one of the most untamed areas, offering a landscape that is rich in coastal slopes, deep gorges, caves and flower filled meadows. There are many attractive localities in the park, including:

Velebit Mountain is one of the largest and highest mountain ranges in Croatia,
stretching alongside of the Adriatic Sea and its many coastal islands.

Accommodation and activities

In 1978 Velebit Mountain was added to the World Network of Biosphere Reserves, to be designated a nature park in 1981. Officially, Northern Velebit was established in 1999, as the eight and the youngest of national parks in Croatia.

There are numerous accommodation places in North Velebit National Park. Some of these places are available in the park, mostly as mountain huts. But if you stay at the adjacent towns and villages, you will find a whole range of apartments, boarding houses, camping sites, private rooms and even hotels.

There are many educational trails, as well as hiking and cycling tours in the park area. Overall, thirty mountain tracks criss-cross the park, so you will encounter numerous ways to explore this park and enjoy some of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the Northern Velebit National Park.

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