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Croatia Yacht Charter

Explore Croatian Islands with Gardelin Sailboat Charter

Gardeling sailboat charter is no longer available. This page and the three Gardelin pages are for information purpose only. Instead, go to Sailing Charter pages for information on four different sailing yachts, available for sailing charters in Croatia.

  Gardelin motor sailboat information and photos
Gardelin Sailboat

Gardelin Motor Sailboat

Built in 1999 and renovated in 2003, Gardelin is a motor sailboat vessel, owned and chartered by its owner Mr Alen Grdovic. The boat is registered by Croatian Ship Registrar.

Gardelin Info

Gardelin Technical Info

Gardelin motor sailboat is the first-class sailboat that's available for crewed yacht charter around Croatian islands. Take a look at detailed technical information on this vessel.

Gardelin Sailboat Photos

Gardelin Sailboat Photos

Get a better insight into Gardelin sailboat through this gallery of the boat's pictures. This 27 metres long luxury sailing vessel was fully refitted in 2003 for group charter.

Charter Rates

Gardelin Charter Rates

General information on charter rates for Gardelin sailboat. The vessel is ideal for a group of 14-16 people, based on one week charter, irrespective of the number of people chartering it.

Exploring Croatian coastline

Croatian coastline with its islands is one of the most beautiful in Europe and the Mediterranean. There's no better way of exploring this majestic coastline than from the luxury of a private cruiser.

With over 1200 islands, this spectacular coastline offers endless opportunities to explore its charming beaches, hidden coves, and quaint towns. Although only about half of these islands are populated, you will find more than enough to entertain your curiosity and sense of adventure.